The StickyWallet – Tips, How-to, FAQ, Instructions

*How-to & Tips:*

Sticking On:

1) Clean off your phone case before sticking on

2) Carefully peel off the adhesive on the back

3) Line up the StickyWallet carefully on the middle-back of your phone case – make sure it's aligned in the middle – you get one shot!

4) Press down on all edges firmly for 30 seconds.


• Keep cards in the back pocket, and cash in the front

• The finger strap is best for phone-call position

• Tuck your AirPods in the finger strap

• Store your car key or other widgets inside the front pocket


*Can I peel it off and switch phone cases?*

It’s not meant to peel off and use again. However, it has been done. Just peel it off, and clean the sticky residue off the case. Sometimes it will still be sticky enough to stick fine on a second phone case. If not, you can always use your favorite glue to give it a new home.

See more FAQ in the "Customer Questions & Answers" section on the Amazon Listing: