The GripStick Manual

Download PDF: [CLICK HERE]


Gripstick Instructions Manual

Video: mounting your phone & extending the pole. 






  1. Flip the switch on the side of the remote to ON. It will start flashing. This is pairing mode.
  2. On your iOS or Android device, go to Settings and turn Bluetooth ON.
  3. Click ‘Lifestyle Designs’under Devices. Wait until it says Connected/Paired.
  4. Open the camera app. Click the camera button on the remote to take a photo or start/stop video recording.

* The zoom buttons are for Android only. (Android: click the settings icon in the camera app, go to Volume keys function:select Zoom for the +/- zoom buttons to work in photo mode, or Record Videofor the shutter button to start/stop video.)

To Switch Phones:Turn the shutter power OFF then ON again, then pair with the new phone.

Hands-free Snapchat & Instagram for iPhone:Hold the + Zoom button to record video, or tap the camera button once to snap J




  1. To mount the phone clamp: Hold the phone clamp on the mount screw. Twist the disc underneath to screw it on. Tighten it facing forward.
  2. Push your phone horizontally up and into the clamp. Pivot the head by loosening the side butterfly screw.
  • To extend the stick, loosen the fittings by twisting one turn to the left, pulling out the pole, then tightening at the desired length.

*Careful: Pulling out the pole too violently may damage the product.




  1. For easy mounting, first release the screw platform:
  2. Loosen the side screw under the mount platform, allowing you to press the side release button and slide out the mount platform.
  3. Twist your device/mount onto the screw. If it needs further tightening, use a coin to firmly tighten the screw from below.
  4. This also enables you to quickly take your device off the tripod without having to unscrew it.

*Careful: When you slide the platform back on, make sure you fasten the safety screw all the way to block the release button from being pressed.





  1. Screw in the included GoPro adapter to the ¼-inch thread on the selfie stick or the tripod. Insert your GoPro, in it’s housing.
  2. Then insert the included GoPro screw through the hole, and tighten it.




  • The Flexible arms are great for gripping your Phone, GoPro or Digital Camera to a chair, railing, or pole.
  • Using it as a stand for the Selfie Stick: best on a level surface and a wide base. It may take some adjusting to balance it straight - the bubble level can help. Remember it’s a mini tripod and it can fall over if not set up carefully. Not for heavy cameras.
  • Stand and/or mount your devices at your own risk - we are not responsible if the stand or tripod falls over and your device breaks. Use the Grip+Stick combination any creative way you like, just please be aware of your surroundings, and use common sense :)