January 24, 2018


  1. Flip the switch on the side of the remote to ON. It will start flashing. This is pairing mode.
  2. On your iOS or Android device, go to Settings and turn Bluetooth ON.
  3. Click ‘Lifestyle Designs’ under Devices. Wait until it says Connected/Paired.
  4. Open the camera app. Click the camera button on the remote to take a photo or start/stop video recording.

* The zoom buttons are for Android only.

(How to use zoom on Android: click the settings icon in the camera app, go to Volume keys function: select Zoom for the +/- zoom buttons to work in photo mode, or Record Video for the shutter button to start/stop video.)

To Switch Phones: Turn the shutter power OFF then ON again, then pair with the new phone.

Hands-free Snapchat & Instagram for iPhone: Hold the + Zoom button to record video, or tap the camera button once to snap a photo, or start/start a boomerang. (The + button essentially presses the + volume button on your phone)


  • How long does the battery last?
    • It should last a long time. Use the included micro-usb charger to charge it if it dies. 
  • What's the range?
    • It should work up to around 20 yards away. 
  • I lost it, do you have a replacement?
    • Yeah, they can be easy to lose... We currently don't have replacements in stock, but there are many on Amazon prime for around $7.99... just search 'Bluetooth Remote'.



  • It still won't connect
    • Try restarting your phone
  • It won't turn on
    • Try charging it for awhile.
    • If no pulse, send a video clip of the corpse to Fb.me/lifestyledesignsinc so we can say our prayers and take care of you.

Quick Video:

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